collective for critical and anti-discriminatory educational work



Why was the district Köpenick formerly called „Berlin’s laundry room“? What does urban space have to do with feminism? What is the difference between sex and gender? These and other topics are explored in our feminist audio walk for young people. The audio walk is in German. If you are interested in an educational project on this topic in another language, please contact us.


We would like to take you on a short walk through the neighbourhood with our audio walk. Under the motto „Coming – Going – Staying“, you will hear residents of Spandauer Neustadt talk about their favourite places, about arriving, about friendship, but also about conflicts and changes in the neighbourhood. The audio walk is in German.

What we do

We offer different learning methods, including workshops, simulation games and audio tours, that aim to motivate people to actively engage with social justice topics individually and collectively. In our learning activities we address the history and current workings of different forms of structural discrimination, such as racism, sexism and classism, and how these intersect. Our three main target groups are presented below. You are also welcome to contact us for more individually tailored concepts.

Pupils and Students

Social inequality and structural discrimination are not always sufficiently addressed in schools and universities. Thus, with our learning methods, we want to create a space where participants can actively and critically learn about and engage with these topics. We provide pupils and students with fundamental knowledge about these issues, and encourage continued exploration and active engagement.

Teachers, teacher trainees and teacher students​

We believe that teachers can cast valuable seeds for critical thinking and social engagement. Teachers are in contact with pupils and students on a daily basis and have a lot of influence in terms of what is taught and how. Therefore, it is important for teachers to be aware of power structures both in the interaction with pupils/students and in the learning material. We offer knowledge and insight on these issues, and look at how these approaches can be integrated into daily school life.


As our work is a constant learning process, we also want to offer time and space for knowledge exchange and net-working for people and groups who work on similar topics. Through peer-to-peer-learning we hope that we can share experiences and learn from each other. We look forward to working together with you.


Promote alternative narratives

Contribute to
social change

Foster critical thinking and self-reflection

Challenge hegemonic knowledges

Raise awareness

Who we are

Verlernen is a collective of people from different academic and professional backgrounds with experiences in activism and educational work. Building on our shared theoretical and practical knowledge, we create and implement different learning methods in the context of critical and anti-discriminatory education for different target groups.

Our objective is to provide the time, space and relevant tools for participants to gain a better understanding of discriminatory structures and social inequality, and how these processes affect people in their everyday life. A better understanding of discriminatory structures, as well as of our own roles and positions within them, can empower us and equip us with the knowledge and tools we need to build solidarities and engage in the fight for equality.